If we can install systems in prisons, law offices (yes—those two examples don’t exactly go together), churches, restaurants, virtual-reality gaming stores, and IT firms—we can do a great job for your business. We are a highly skilled and knowledgeable team who love what we do. We install systems—from TVs to networking—precisely and timely, and we stand behind our work each and every time.

Two Techies is our name, precision is our game, . Clichés and cheesiness aside, we are good at what we do and work hard to earn every inch of our customers’ respect.


“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Yes, while you may be able to mount your TV yourself, there’s no replacement for having it done professionally. Home technology is home automation, it’s making your home a smart home, it’s Google Assistant or Alexa turning on your lights, smart thermostats, surveillance systems and cameras, and more. Your home can be modern and helpful and improve your lifestyle.